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Meet Friends of WRF

Founding Members

The World Radio Forum was conceived at the Third World Summit Media for Children (TWSMC) in Thessalonika, Greece in March 2001.

At the Summit, speakers from India, South America, Africa and the United States represented radio producers from community groups to national broadcasters to the internet. Other participants included delegates from the People's Republic of China, Japan, the Caribbean, Nigeria and Eritrea as well as a strong contingent from South Africa. Other producers could not attend but sent messages of goodwill from Radio Mozambique, Latvia Radio, Radio Sagarmatha in Nepal, Denmark's U-Land youth radio, and from Diana Senghor, Director of the PANOS/West Africa Radio OxyJeunes project.

These are the Summit participants whose ideas led to the creation of the World Radio Forum:

Sarah McNeill, Director of UNLIMITED Productions, was the driving force behind getting radio included at the Third World Summit on Media for Children and she conceived of the World Radio Forum. She is adviser on youth radio to UN agencies and child rights organisations and she has worked with children's & youth radio groups in many parts of the world.
Sarah McNeill
UNLIMITED Productions
PO Box 2041, Hove BN3 2EW, East Sussex, England
Tel/Fax: +44 1 273 724 948

Aminatou Sar from Senegal, Deputy Coordinator of PLAN International's radio campaign on child rights "I'm a Child and I Have My Rights Too!"
Aminatou Sar
Deputy Coordinator Radio Campaign PLAN International
West Africa Regional Office
BP 21121 Dakar Ponty, Senegal
Tel: +221 860 25 85
Fax: +221 860 29 51

Mimi Brazeau, Regional Media Programmes Adviser, PLAN International Region of West Africa.
Radio is the medium through which PLAN International reaches and informs children and their guardians that children have rights as well as needs through its radio campaign "I'm a Child and I Have My Rights Too!" and the children's radio show Radio Gune Yi in Senegal.
Mimi Brazeau
PLAN International, West Africa Regional Office
BP 21121 Dakar Ponty, Senegal
Tel: +221 860 25 85
Fax: +221 860 29 51

Madoda Ncayiyana and Julie Frederikse of Vuleka Productions in South Africa, radio producers for Takalani Sesame Radio, the first radio version of the Sesame Street Early Childhood Development TV series.
Julie Frederikse
Director, Vuleka Productions
PO Box 15077, Bellair, Durban 4006, South Africa
Tel. +031 260 1554

Lou Giansante from the US, creator and producer of live children's radio New York Kids on public radio station WNYC in New York, and producer of internet radio programs Teacher Radio and Scholastic News Radio for Scholastic Publishing.
Lou Giansante
59 West 12 Street #2G, New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212 924 5076

Rita Panicker of Butterflies Programme of Street & Working Children New Delhi, India uses radio as one tool of an alternative media centre that works with marginalised and rejected young people.
Rita Panicker, Director Butterflies Programme of Street & Working Children
U-4 1st Floor, Green Park Extension, New Delhi 110 016 India

Rocio Franco, coordinated the Chaskiwawas youth radio groups in Peru. They work to teach children radio, to promote awareness of child rights issues, and to get children's voices on a network of eighty local radio stations in Peru.
Rocio Franco, Chaskiwawas Youth Radio
Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL) Radio Network,
Manuel Villavicencio 1191, Lima 14, Peru

Fakir Hassen, Head of Educational Radio at SABC Radio (South African Broadcasting) directs the national broadcaster's strategy for school-radio programming in eleven different languages while bringing the voices of children to public service broadcasting.
Fakir Hassen, Director SABC/Schools Radio
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel. +011 714 9111

Sue Goldstein of Soul City in South Africa, producers of the multi-media programming, Soul Buddyz, an edutainment health initiative which targets 8 to 12 year olds. The radio part of the project, consisting of 26 half hour magazine shows, incorporates dramatisations made by children and includes a talk show with youth presenters.
Sue Goldstein, Senior Manager: Research and Children's Series
Soul City: Institute for Health and Development Communication
P.O. Box 1290, Houghton, 2041
2nd Floor Park Terras, Princess of Wales Terrace
Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 6435852
Fax: +27 11 643 6253
Web: or

Benjy Francis, Director of the Afrika Cultural Center in Johannesburg, South Africa uses radio as one tool in his work to empower young people.
Benjy Francis, Director Afrika Cultural Centre
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel. +27 11 838 4541\833 2323

Zane Ibrahim, founder and Director of BUSH Radio in Cape Town, South Africa and tireless advocate for the important role of radio in raising the status of children, so that they are recognized at the highest levels of society.
Contact: Zane Ibrahim, BUSH Radio
Capetown, South Africa
Tel. +27 +21 +448 5450
Email: or


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