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The Radio Manifesto

Three years of discussions and workshops by children and youth around the world have resulted in a new international document, The Radio Manifesto, launched at the 4th World Summit on Media & Children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 19-23, 2004.

The Radio Manifesto began in 2001 with youth radio broadcasters at Bush Radio in Cape Town, South Africa. Since then, the World Radio Forum has helped young broadcasters in other countries in Africa and the rest of the world to develop the text of their Radio Manifesto. Youth 8 to 18 years of age contributed from townships, remote villages, and the streets of capital cities, together with the new young citizens of emerging democracies. Their Manifesto proclaims strongly to radio authorities the rights, needs, and hopes of young people everywhere.

You can read or download the Radio Manifesto for free in these languanges.



  • Manifesto do Rádio (Documento do Word em português no formato RTF)
    Clique para ler ou clique com o botão direito e selecione "salvar no seu computador."
  • Manifesto do Rádio (PDF em português)
    É necessário o programa Adobe Reader, software grátis disponível para download.


  • Manifeste Radio (Document francais Word en format RTF)
    Cliquez pour lire ou cliquez à droite et choisisez 'Sauvegarder' pour enregistrer le document sur votre ordinateur.
  • Manifeste Radio (Français en format PDF)
    Vous devrez utiliser Adobe Reader (téléchargement du logiciel gratuit)


  • El Manifiesto de Radio (La versión en español está disponible en formato RTF)
    Haga Click para la opción de lectura o Click derecho y seleccione "Grabar en su computadora u ordenador."
  • El Manifiesto de Radio (Versión PDF en Español)
    Ud. necesita Adobe Reader, puede bajar de internet el programa disponible en versión gratuita.


  • The Radio Manifesto (Russian Word Docuument and PDF format) is available at the FYCE web site (Foundation of Youth Culture and Education)

The Radio Manifesto is open for further contributions from children’s & youth radio groups. If you would like your youth group to contribute to the Manifesto, contact WRF Director Sarah McNeill at


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