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Meet Friends of WRF

The Mission of the World Radio Forum (WRF)

The WRF aims to establish a position within the spectrum of children's media by defining core values, which champion child rights and the status of children and young people within their communities.

The WRF also aims to involve organizations and private companies in partnerships to further develop children's and youth radio and to invite their active involvement as sponsors for young radio makers.


  1. To bring pressure to bear at the highest level of policy and decision-making and make radio broadcasters aware of these facts:

  • Children need radio programmes

  • Children have the right to participate in radio production

  • Public service broadcasters have responsibilities with regard to the

  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, especially Articles 13, 17 and 39

  1. To work with children and youth on creating, publishing, and promoting The Radio Manifesto. This document will define their needs and priorities for radio, and will provide an internationally recognised document to those lobbying for airtime for children's and youth programming on radio. The Manifesto will outline standards for appropriate child-centred and youth-based programmes made for, with, and by young people.

  2. To provide an online meeting place for WRF members to exchange information and ideas on new initiatives for radio production and broadcasting by children and young people.

  3. To set up funding partnerships and collaborations for exchanges, training workshops, Internships, and radio production opportunities for young broadcasters

  4. To build active links with youth internet radio


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