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ABC Ulwazi
ABC Ulwazi (Ulwazi from the Nguni word for Knowledge) is a non-governmental organisation and non-profit company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It facilitates the communication of educational and developmental messages through the use of radio as a mass communications medium in the following ways:

  • researching, writing and producing educational and developmental radio programmes.
  • training community radio station broadcasters
  • assisting and training start-up community radio stations
  • distributing and archiving educational radio programmes and evaluating the effective use of the programmes.
  • producing multilingual programmes in all formats (Our expertise lies particularly in Educational Drama Production)

ABC Ulwazi's combination of training and production has been instrumental in building a co-operative and mutually beneficial relationship with community radio stations across South Africa. ABC Ulwazi is interested in creating programming for kids and teens and invites response from African producers.
Contact: ABC Ulwazi
P.O. Box 32402, Braamfontein 2017
49 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein 2001
Tel: 011 339 2277
Fax: 011 403 4017

BUSH Radio, South Africa
Children's Radio Education Workshop (CREW)
Community station BUSH Radio has been home to children's broadcasting since 1996. Through Children's Radio Education Workshop (CREW), children from 7 to 18 years of age learn the ins and outs of broadcasting, including writing, research, technical skills and broadcast journalism skills, not to mention life skills such as team-work, critical thinking and political awareness. BUSH Radio is entirely run by children and youth on Saturdays, who have live on-air shows from 10:00 am till 15:00 pm, divided in to three programs: BushTots, BushKidz, BushTeens and Street Philosophy. In 2001 BUSH Radio sponsored a two-day Radio Kidocracy Konference to enable young people to use the medium of radio to make the programmes that they would most like to hear. Young participants from South Africa and Africa, as well as one participant from the UK, were trained in radio drama, story telling, interviewing, music and talk presentation, as well as news reading. The ultimate aim of the Radio Kidocracy Konference was the drafting of a Children's Radio Manifesto.
Contact: BUSH Radio
PO Box 13290, Mowbray, 7705 Cape Town, South Africa
Tel.: +27 +21 448 54 50
Fax: +27 +21 448 54 51

Children and Youth in Broadcasting/Child Survival and Development Action Club, Ghana Curious Minds
The CYIB/CSD ACTION CLUB in Ghana, Africa is a group who believe that we can change the world with children. Presently children aged from eight to eighteen years are actively involved in the activities of the group. It is mainly a media-based organization but for about two years the group has been involved in community sensitization programmes on child rights. The main working document of the group is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Ghana's version of the document called the Children's Act 560 of 1998. We have two radio programmes in a week on national radio that handles a gamut of issues that in the long run affect the development of the child. We are popularly known by our radio programme name Curious Minds. One of our programmes is broadcast in the Ga language of the people of Accra, the capital of Ghana. More than 200 children are now part of the group and they act as the presenters and producers with supervision of a professional journalist who coordinates the activities of the group.
Contact: Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh
Children and Youth in Broadcasting/ CYIB CSD Action Club
Radio Production (English Language Dept) Ghana Broadcasting Corporation,
PO Box 1633, Accra, Ghana.
Phone: (233-21) 221161 ext 2064
Fax: 233-21- 221165

Child to Child, South Africa
The Child to Child project uses radio to target children between seven and fourteen in Town 2, Brown's Farm and Samora Machel. The aim is to assist the children in becoming peer educators on basic primary health care. About 200 children participate regularly. The project is supported by a radio broadcast each Saturday morning, as well as with networks with Childline and the Children's Resource Centre (CRC). Childline offers a 24 hour toll-free Helpline with trained counsellors to assist abused children, young people and their families. The CRC was started in 1983 to help children to organise themselves into a Children's Movement. Today the CRC has more than 50 children's groups throughout South Africa with a membership of more than 5000 children between the age of 7 and 14 years.
Contact: The Zanempilo Trust
PO Box 30745
Tokai, 7966 South Africa
Tel.: 021/713 0073
Fax: 021/713 0105

Junior Magazine, Nigeria
Junior Magazine is radio produced for Nigerian radio by Kemi Ogundeko. This program featured the story of Linda, which illustrates how parents sometimes severely hurt the feelings of their children without noticing. This programme is dedicated to reminding parents, society and governments of the importance of respecting children's rights.
Contact: Kemi Ogundeko

K-Zone, Nigeria
K-Zone - Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
K-Zone (Kiddies Zone) is a series of programs about children's issues, produced by children and for children. On K-Zone different programme formats are used to look at places, people, events and things that affect kids negatively or positively. K-Zone - Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Nigeria has kids discussing the effects of HIV/AIDS on children in Nigeria. They are affected by losing father, mother, or both to AIDS. They are left alone to fend for themselves; some drop out of school, become miscreants, homeless, prostitutes or thugs. This programme was presented by Ebun Obisakin, produced by Olabisi Okuneye and broadcast on Metro 97,6 FM, Radio Nigeria
Contact: Olabisi Okuneye
C/o Radio Nigeria, P.M.B 12504, Lagos, Nigeria

Kids Talk
Kids Talk is a regular one-hour program presented by the youth of Liberia over West Africa’s Star Radio. Children discuss issues important to them, for example appealing to the government to lift school fees and advocating to free Liberian children from the cycle of poverty and violence caused by the country’s ongoing conflicts. The show’s youth journalists have also interviewed government officials, and with the clarity of youth. They even asked the Liberian Head of State Minister of Defense Chairman Gyude Bryant, why he was booed by the crowds, something a Liberian journalist might hesitate to do.
Contact: Kids Talk
Old CID Road - Mamba Point
P.O. BOX 3081
1000 Monrovia 10 - LIBERIA
Tel: +231 77 411 411

Media Support Partnership, Mozambique
"Mundo Sem Segredos” or “World Without Secrets”, a weekly children’s HIV/AIDS radio programme, began airing in Mozambique in September, 2004. The programme is produced by Media Support Partnership, a British NGO, together with the Ministry of Education and Rádio Moçambique.

Children aged 12 to 15 are trained to produce and present the programmes for listeners their own age which address HIV/AIDS in an open and non-judgemental way. Programmes contain an entertaining mix of interviews, drama, live reports, testimonials, and music. Listeners participate through letters, phone calls and competitions. A weekly counselling session on the air, with a trained counsellor, provides advice and solutions to listeners’ questions or problems.

The radio programmes complement and promote a HIV/AIDS resource pack which the Ministry of Education distributes to every primary school in the three provinces. The pack, called the Kit Basico, encourages teachers to integrate HIV/AIDS information into their classes and extra-curricular activities.

For further information visit:
Contact: Ms Niamh Hanafin, Project coordinator
Tel: +258-4-216353

OPEN-UP. Uganda
OPEN-UP is an issue-oriented program that airs every Sunday from 9AM to noon on Radio Kitara FM, Masindi Broadcasting Service in Uganda. The producer/presenter is Alice Kabatooro, and she is also Radio Kitara station manager. Children and youth are directly involved in voicing and producing, and as guests in the studio. An OPEN-UP program on UNICEF'S 2004 International Children's Day of Broadcasting won two national awards, best Current Events programming and Best Jingle.
Contact: Alice Kabatooro,
Radio Kitara FM, Masindi Broadcasting Service
P.O.BOX 442, Masindi (Uganda)
Tel: 00256 077 698688

Our Circuit, EKO 89,75 FM, Nigeria
Our Circuit is a one-hour information and entertainment programme broadcast live on EKO 89,75FM Lagos, Nigeria on Saturdays between 12 and 13 PM.
Three kids present the programme in segments:
1. one of the child presenters reads news interesting to children
2. the other two read the messages from request cards and later spice it up with nice and beautiful music, depending on the messages on the card.
3. then a talk segment that has to do with the lives of young people
4. one of the child presenters tells an interesting story that teaches morals which listeners can benefit from and learn some useful lessons
The audience is both kids and adults. The program is heard in 16 states of Nigeria. So occasionally, when calls are entertained, listeners from different parts of the country call in and make their contributions on the programme. For example, they make requests like sincere wishes and greetings to their friends, relatives and loved ones.
Contact: Shotonwa Titilayo Ayoola, Producer
Radio House, Radio Lagos/Eko Fm, Lateef Jakande, Agindingbi, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 234-1-493-5154
Fax: 234-1-493-5146

PLAN International, Senegal
Radio Gune-Yi
Radio Gune Yi is a radio program done by children for children. Its name identifies it because “Gune Yi” means “children” in Wolof, the language most widely spoken in Senegal. It is produced by Plan Senegal, and all the network stations of Radio Television Senegal (RTS) broadcast it. The program was established by Plan to promote the Rights of the Child, mainly in relation to freedom of expression and access to information. Since it started in December 1995, Radio Gune Yi has visited more than 500 villages. More than 3,000 children have participated directly in production, while several thousand children have attended the recordings. Hundreds of thousands of children listen to the program regularly. The project won the finalist award in the best children's show category at the New York Festivals in 1999.
Contact: Mimi Brazeau, Media Programs Development Advisor
Plan, West Africa Regional Office
BP 21121 Dakar Ponty, Senegal
Tel: +221 869 74 30 or +221 860.62.73
Fax: +221 860 29 51

PLAN International, Region of West Africa
“I am a child but I have my rights too!”
The regional radio campaign “I am a Child but I have my Rights too!” is produced by Plan in West Africa since 1998 in collaboration with close to 100 radio stations. In 2000 it won the SILVER WORLD MEDAL in the Best Children Programs category at the International New York Festivals. The show informs parents, children and authorities on their roles and responsibilities to respect the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The stories promote the right to go to school, to have access to potable water, to grow up healthy, etc. Hundreds of children have participated to the shows.
Seven West-African countries broadcast the radio campaign: Burkina Faso, Guinea, Togo, Mali, Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Benin. Each country adapts the stories to its own culture. The show is broadcast by up to twenty (20) radio stations in each county (public, private and community radio stations). Productions have been made in these languages: Moore, Bambara, Mina, Cotocoli, Kabie, Wolof, Pulaar, Serere, Diola, Kissi, Toma, Kpele, Maninka, Pular, Susu, Creole, Adja, Portuguese and French. To this day, close to 600 productions of the stories have been made and thousands of broadcast have been heard trough the region with the participation of children.
Despite the fact that the CRC has been signed by all countries in West Africa since 1990, not enough people know the rights of the child and many rights are still violated. The children of West Africa want to participate to the defense of their rights by first explaining them to the public. They hope that changes of behavior will arise in the future with the information provided on the importance of respecting the Rights of the Child.
Contact: Mimi Brazeau, Media Programs Development Advisor
Plan, West Africa Regional Office
BP 21121 Dakar Ponty, Senegal
Tel: +221 869 74 30 or +221 860.62.73

Radio Ethiopia
Journey of Life Radio Show
Journey of Life Radio Show
is a radio serial drama that began airing November 25, 2001 in Ethiopia. It is designed to encourage young adults at risk to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies by depicting characters engaging in either risky or safe sexual behavior. Developed by the National Office of Population in Ethiopia, the 26-episode dramatic series targets young married couples and unmarried adolescents in urban and semi-urban areas of the country. The goal is to help Ethiopians understand how easy it is to become infected with HIV, as well as how easy it is to protect oneself from the virus. The project was created with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JHU/CCP).
Contacts: Araya Demissie
JHU/CCP Ethiopia
Tel: 251-1-63-10-62
Kate Stratten, Center for Communication Programs,
Johns Hopkins University, 111 Market Place, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Tel: (410) 659-6140
Fax: (410) 659-6266

Radio Mozambique
Child to Child Radio Programmes

With this series of programmes, produced and presented by young people themselves, Radio Mozambique aims to create an environment for children to express their views and take part in decisions that affect their lives. Shows are produced by groups of children all over the country, with 23 different programmes produced, 14 of them in different national languages and 9 in Portuguese. So far, 75 children aged between 11 - 18 are involved with a majority of girls (61%) taking part. Eight children’s radio clubs have been created to enable children to participate and, with adult supervision, the youth broadcasters learn to put their show on the air. Radio Mozambique’s Child to Child Radio Programmes is supported by UNICEF and they have established regular network exchanges of shows on children’s rights with Angola and Brazil.
Web Site:
Contact: Coutinho Zitha
Rádio Moçambique – EP
Rua da Rádio n.º 2
Maputo - Moçambique
Caixa Postal 2000
Tel: +258 01 431687/88
Fax +258 01 321816

Soul City, South Africa
Soul Buddyz
Soul Buddyz, a co-production with SABC Education, is a multi media "edutainment" vehicle for children 8-12 years old to promote their health and well-being. All the issues dealt with in the series are framed within the South African Constitution and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The issues are racism, xenophobia, AIDS, substance misuse, and the environment. The 2nd Soul Buddyz radio series will launch in July 2003. It contains a 10-minute drama series, followed by a 5-minute info slot, followed by a 15-minute phone-in talk show. The new series will be broadcast on 9 African language stations. Soul City trains these stations in how to work with children, trains the children to do radio acting and also trains the young presenters to host the phone-in talk show (with studio guests).
Website: or
Contact: Aadielah Anderson, Soul Buddyz,
PO Box 1290, Houghton, Johannesburg, 2041.
Phone: 27 11 728 7440
Fax: 27 11 728 7442

Takalani Sesame
Takalani Sesame Radio is the first ever radio version of the Sesame Street Early Childhood Development TV series. Takalani Sesame literally means, "be happy" in the Venda language. The radio version consists of twelve-minute episodes.Takalani Sesame is an international co-production with Sesame Workshop, Kwazukazukela and Vuleka Productions, and was made possible in South Africa through funding provided in part by Sanlam, SABC Education, The Department of Education, and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and South African Airways (SAA).
Contact: Gloria Britain
Tel. (011) 714 5282.

Talking Drum Studio, Search for Common Ground, Sierra Leone
Search for Common Ground and its sister organization the European Centre for Common Ground opened a conflict resolution and peacebuilding program in Sierra Leone in 2000 called Talking Drum Studio (TDS). TDS and a local children's advocacy organization, Grass Root Empowerment for Self-reliance, partnered to develop a radio soap opera for children. The series highlighted ten articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, dedicating one episode to each article. Topics included the recognition of parental responsibilities, protection from abuse and neglect, protection of children without family, and the right to education. All of these issues are critical topics of concern in Sierra Leone as the country and its society try to recuperate from ten years of brutal and destructive civil war, in which child soldiers played a major role. TDS named the series for its main character, Olu. Olu is a thirteen-year-old boy who lives with his relatives. His guardian treats him horribly, forcing him to work long, hard hours, beating him, and not permitting him to go to school. Olu represents many children in Sierra Leone, especially since the war has separated families and left many children to fend for themselves.
Contact: Rebecca Besant
West Africa Program Associate Search for Common Ground
1601 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: (202) 777-2236
Fax: (202) 232-6718

Talking Drum Studio, The European Centre for Common Ground (ECCG,) Sierra Leone
Golden Kids News

Talking Drum Studio creates and airs radio programmes with different formats that are designed to encourage peace and reconciliation. Golden Kids News is a news and issues program that is partially identified, reported and produced by kids. It is truly a show for kids by kids. This show engages children of mixed backgrounds who serve as producers, reporters and actors and who identify issues for and about children and advocate on their behalf. This show creates a forum for children to discuss their hopes and fears, advocate their issues and present events important to them. This program also feeds children with a positive perspective of Sierra Leone. This show airs three times a week for fifteen minutes on eleven stations in the country.
Contact: Francis Fortune, The European Centre for Common Ground (ECCG)
Rue Belliard 205 bte 13, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: (+32 2) 736 7262
Fax: (+32 2) 732 3033

UNICEF, Somalia
Let's Hear from the Youth – Somali Youth on HIV/AIDS
UNICEF Somalia produced this radio drama for International Children's Day of Broadcasting 10 December 2002. In the drama, health worker Kadiye reports about a new disease spreading in Somalia. He and others decide to organize a big awareness-raising campaign, before it is too late.
UNICEF Somalia, as part of a new project (Youth Broadcasting Initiative) is developing a country-wide strategy to teach video and radio skills to youth groups. The aim is to build local production capacity so that youth groups can inform their communities and foster debate about HIV, hygiene, immunization, female genital mutilation and children's rights. For 2003 their aim is to produce 60 videos and 48 radio programs.
Contact: Ms Julia Spry-Leverton, communication officer
Ms Tisha Wheeler, project consultant
PO Box 44145
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +25 42 623 958

UNICEF, Mozambique
Children and HIV/AIDS

With support from UNICEF Mozambique and Rádio Mozambique E. P., children from Mozambique did a three-hour-long broadcast on children and HIV/AIDS on the occasion of International Children's Day of Broadcasting 10 December 2002. More than 20 children from Beira city and surrounding areas who represented various social sectors gave interviews and performed tales and games. The entire programme was presented by children, in co-ordination with studios in Maputo, Angola, and Brazil.
Contact: José Paulo de Araújo, Unicef Mozambique

In Monrovia, H. Konnah Taylor produces Voice With the Youth or the Children, a radio programme for children or youth within Liberia. The programme is broadcast on two stations: ELWA Radio, a Christian station and D.C.101 FM, a private commercial station. Support for the program comes from the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and from private donations.
Web Site:
Contact: H.Konnah Taylor
c/o UNMIL, StarBase, Free Zone
Monrovia, Liberia

Radio Infantil, Mozambique
Radio Infantil is children's radio in the community of Alto Molócuê in Mozambique. It began in 2002 as a special three-year project of the Danish NGO U-landsorganisationen Ibis. The project was financed mainly by Danish children through sales of a Christmas calendar in 2000.
The project included creation of a children's radio house where twice a week about 100 children gather for English lessons. Afterwards a number of them assist on the production of English teaching programming, which is very popular among the children listeners as well as the adults. Older youth meet every Saturday morning to prepare the production of programming, develop ideas, and practise radio drama for edited or live transmission. Radio Infantil is broadcast on RCAM (The Comunity Radio of Alto Molócuê). The slogan of Radio Infantil is "a voz da criança - a voz do futuro" -- the voice of the child is the voice of the future."
Contact: Lena Vind-Andersen, Radio Infantil Advisor
Tel: +4533263203
Fax: No



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