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Butterflies Street and Working Children - India
Butterflies Radio Project

"Butterflies" has worked with street and working children in Delhi since 1989. One of its activities called 'Bal Mazdoor' organizes kids into a children's rights radio initiative. Their radio programs are intended to enable children who might otherwise be ignored by society to directly share their views and experiences, while also raising awareness of social justice issues. For example, one programme focused on the reports of closure of a night shelter without prior notice. The report, which featured interviews, focused on the hardship that street children faced as a result of the closure. The programmes are broadcast in public spaces from a cassette recorder placed on a rickshaw with loud speakers attached.
Contact: Rita Panicker, Director
Butterflies Programme of Street & Working Children
U- 4 , 1st Floor, Green Park Extension, New Delhi 110 016, India

ECPAT, Philippines
Tingog sa Kabataan - Voice of the Children
ECPAT Philippines is a non-profit NGO, which works to eliminate commercial sexual exploitation of children. To achieve this mission, ECPAT Philippines supports children and youth broadcasters in a radio program called Tingog sa Kabataan (Voice of the Children). The 30-minute program airs over a local AM radio station every Sunday at 10:30 am. It is the first and only radio programme in Central Visayas that is by children for children. It is produced in Tagalog language by 20 high school students from Cebu. All have been assisted by various NGOs in Cebu, and all have at one time been victims of abuse. Topics during the broadcast include child rights and children's issues and concerns. It's all about children and young people's rights, following the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child as its framework.
Contact: Atty Anjanette T. Saguisag
ECPAT Philippines – Cebu Office
#10 Queen's Road, Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Telefax: +63 32 253 1467

Hatemalo Sanchar, Nepal
Hatemalo Radio Programme
Hatemalo Sanchar is an NGO in Nepal that promotes children's rights with the participation of children and youth. It was established in 1994 by a concerned group of media journalists, writers, and children involved in the promotion of the Rights of the child through Mass Media. Hatemalo's history goes back to the year 1982 when a group of media journalists began a radio program " Hatemalo Radio Program" for children with an appeal for their help to bring change in the quality of life of the children, particularly children with disabilities. Hatemalo's mass media advocacy approach goes beyond the sphere of radio broadcast to publication and child clubs to make children aware of their rights and the issues affecting the lives of children.
Hatemalo Sanchar designs radio dramas that change attitudes of children about disability, discrimination against girls, child rights, and environmental issues. "Hatemalo" means "hand in hand" in Nepali. In an effort to build up the self-esteem of disabled children, the programme airs success stories from different countries. The message is "another child with the same disadvantages has achieved this: don't let your disability overcome your strengths. You, too, can do it!" Children participate in every way from developing script ideas to the production of the radio show.
A new concept developed by the children for “Hatemalo Radio Programme” began in 2003. It is called Issue Based Media Advocacy (IBMA) and it airs Sunday nights 6 – 6:30 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The main aim of the IBMA is to create awareness of different children issues. Topics include Child labor, Children in orphanage, Children with disability, Children in conflict, Children's education, Peace for education etc.
Contact: Saurav Kiran Shrestha, Programme Director
Hatemalo Sanchar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-5547812

HUMA. Afghanistan
HUMA is a dedicated group in Afghanistan who produce radio programming for children every day on a commercial talk radio station in Kabul called Radio Killid. The station supports them and has even chosen one of the children as a producer for all their production for children.
HUMA's goals at this time are to get equipment from InterNews (US NGO which supports local radio stations all over Afghanistan), and to someday have an entire station for children.
Contact: Zabih Sadat

Lakas Kabataan - Tinig Kabataan: Recharged!, Philippines
Lakas Kabataan - Tinig Kabataan: Recharged! (LKTKR) is a youth-oriented program of Radyo Uno DZME 1530 kHz, in partnership with Voice of the Youth (VOTY) Network. It brings AM Radio to the Filipino Youth as an alternative source of quality information and entertainment. Lakas Kabataan - Tinig Kabataan: Recharged! is entirely conceptualized and spearheaded by youth advocates to create an intelligent, informative, fun and jam-packed program through segments like these:
VOICE OUT! Interactive talk and prevailing theme of the program about current national issues concerning the needs and interest of the youth.
BILIB KAMI SA'YO! Gives recognition to Youth Leaders and Achievers to inspire our fellow young people in discovering and using their talents and realizing their dreams.
RIBYU SA RADYO! Reviews, comments, recommendations and trivia on Movies, TV shows, Music, Books, Sports and Places that keep young minds entertained as much as informed.
Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY) is about encouraging Filipino Youth to believe in themselves in creating and promoting positive social change and their ability to make a difference in our country. Driven by youth and led by youth, our goal is to empower and foster a sense of volunteerism, leadership, participation and social entrepreneurship through the innovative use of technology and media, creating meaningful experiences for the youth in the Philippines.
Web site:
Contact: Pocholo D. Gonzales,
64 N. Perez St., Pansol, Balara, Quezon City, 1108 PHILIPPINES
Tel: +632-4347840
Fax: +632-4251310

Nasli Somon Save the Children UK/ Tajikistan
Nasli Somon is a radio program to help children and young people construct a new role for themselves as citizens of Tajikistan. Save the Children and partners created youth-directed projects in Tajikistan that involve communication through radio, television, and newspaper that is designed to raise awareness about child and youth rights issues, to disseminate information from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and to provide a forum for sharing experiences on exercising these rights and responsibilities.
The youth radio group, called "Nasli Somon" (or "Descendants of the Somoni") was established in January 2002. 60 children between the ages of 12 and 16 years meet every day but Sunday in the Office of Programmes for children and youth of the Radio House or the Children and Youth Republican Center. The children have their own room -- with equipment -- where they can meet to arrange training/workshops and plan broadcasts. Their programme is broadcast on national radio each Wednesday for 20 minutes.
Contact: Save the Children UK Tajikistan Programme
Ruslan Ziganshin (Field Officer on Citizenship)
734002 Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 1st proyezd Shote Rustavelli house 14
Tel. + 992-372 214023; 275447; 217084
Fax: + 992-372 510075
UNICEF Tajikistan
Paul Handley (Child Participation Projects Manager)
734 000 Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 9 Ozodi Zanon Str
Tel.: + 992-372 21 82 61; 24 90 36; 24 91 08; 51 01 49
Fax: + 992-372 51 00 81

OS TOS MHONG ("COOL!" in English) is the name of the exciting, new weekly call-in show for young people on radio station "FM 102” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is broadcast live every Sunday from 0800 to 0900. OS TOS MHONG! is a space where young people can voice their opinions and ask questions about the things that are important in their lives. The program provides advice and information to young people on personal, health and education issues that interest them. Hosts are 24-year old Try Vannak and 22-year old Phorn Phasoka who share their own experiences as young people with their listeners.
OS TOS MHONG! was created by the Women's Media Centre of Cambodia and is produced by their team of experienced radio staff. "The idea behind the show is to get young people talking about the things that matter most to them, including love, relationships and, of course, sex." The program features an innovative mix of callers, information, advice, music, and competitions. Each week, the show focuses on a particular topic. OS TOS MHONG! encourages young people all over Cambodia to make contact, not only by phone during Sunday morning, but also by e-mail and letter.
Web Site:
Contact: Mr. Kong Villa & Ms. Sok Many
Os Tos Mhong, FM 102, PO Box 497, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855-12-67-00-87; +855-11-64-84-85

Radio Education For Afghan Children (REACH) - Afghanistan
BBC's Afghan Education Project (AEP) uses radio to help address the educational needs of Afghan children aged 6-16 who have missed most or all of their schooling. The programmes are child-centred and encourage listeners to become active learners by giving them tasks to do during and after the programmes that are meant to empower them to learn independently in their local surroundings. "REACH is not really a replacement for schooling: you can not provide formal education with a curriculum over the radio when there is no support on the ground - no teachers to reinforce the messages, no texts and notes for pupils to study in their own time. REACH does not teach: it gets children to learn by awakening their curiosity, helping them understand and ask questions about the world, helping them set their lives in a wider context." For example, the 15-minute Our World, Our Future series is designed to broaden children's horizons by stimulating their imagination and their desire to learn. It comprises five different programme strands. They include:
Stories For Living: Stories to stimulate children's imaginations
Curtain Of Secrets: Reveals the secrets in the natural world
Faces and Places: Information about people and places inside Afghanistan and beyond
The Pedlar's Bag: A magazine programme for younger listeners that includes stories, interviews, numeracy games, and riddles
Castle Of A Thousand Windows: A magazine programme for teenagers that deals with topics that affect young people's lives
Web site:
Contact Shirazuddin Siddiqi

Radio Salam, Internews Network, Kyrgyzstan
Radio Salam was a project of Internews Network in Kyrgyzstan to educate and entertain young people aged 9-18 in around Batken, a remote and sensitive region in the south of Kyrgyzstan. By involving them in a new radio station, the goal was to give them hope for a better future and to involve them in actively building civil society. The staff of the radio station consists of eight people. More than 40 volunteers help the staff to develop audiences and maintain contact with them. For example, volunteers travel by bicycle around the region to collect the feedback that children can put in special boxes installed in their schools.
Contact: Maksuda Aitieva, Chief Editor Radio Salam
22A, Hodjaeva Str, Batken, Kyrgyzstan

Radio For Schools, India
This is a project of Media Arc, a company that launched India's first independent Internet Radio station, India World Radio. The idea is to have children produce programmes through 'Broadcast Clubs' to be set up in a carefully selected cross section of schools -elitist as well as ill-funded government schools. The facilitators will conduct broadcast workshops in schools to give the students basic orientation to radio and put them at ease so that they feel comfortable with equipment and studios to want to unleash their creative energies. The professionals, after giving the students lectures and demos, will play assistant producers to the student "bosses". The programmes will be broadcast over regional FM radio and Internet Radio. The project will begin with schools in Delhi with the hope that the project will spread to other cities.
This project is not yet funded. Media Arc invites national/international agencies working among children, educational trusts, schools and/or private sector to associate with the first of its kind project that seeks to empower children.
Contact: Media Arc,First Floor, 118, Shahpur Jat, Near Asiad Village,
New Delhi 110049, India
Tel: 91-11-649 5658
Mobile: 98681 - 27916
Fax: 91-11-649 9274



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