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Balkan Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Understanding "Diversity"
Bulgarian School Radio Project is a project to train Roma children from different backgrounds to work with radio equipment and to gain experience in journalism. In the process the children would learn more about Romani language, history, and culture, while also becoming more proficient in the written Bulgarian language. The project was also designed to provide advanced knowledge to teachers in the field of journalism. School radio clubs in 15 schools were formed. Radio journalists from Bulgarian National Radio conducted five 2-day seminars for students and teachers. Equipment was provided to each school and weekly programmes were created and then produced and distributed over the public address system of the schools. Some programmes were broadcast on local stations and on National Radio.
Contact: Hristo Kyuchukov
Balkan Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Understanding "Diversity"
145D Rakovski Street, 2nd floor, apt. 7, Sofia-1000
Tel.: (+ 359 2) 981 47 56
Fax: (+ 359 2) 987 73 95
Email: OR

Children Week, Radio Brod, Croatia
Radio Brod is a local radio station in Croatia. October 7 – 13 2002 was Children's Week in Croatia. The station used the opportunity to approach questions like: How to improve children's lives? What can ordinary citizens and local government or society do to better the quality of life for children? The station produced the program Children Week in which children from Slavonski Brod-Croatia talk about their rights and a world worthy for children.
Website: under construction
Contact: Frano Piplović, Dr. Mile Budaka 1, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Phone: 00 385 (0) 35 446 155
Fax: 00 385 (0) 35 446 155

Children's Express, UK
Children's Express is a programme of learning through journalism for inner-city children and young people aged 8-18. Children's Express reporters and editors choose, research and produce stories on subjects of their choice. Experienced members may become peer trainers, delivering the vast majority of training for members and special project participants. Children's Express operates as a news agency, initiating stories, accepting commissions and placing these stories in local and national media. Its mission is to give young people the power and means to express themselves publicly on vital issues that affect them and, in the process, to raise their self- esteem and develop their potential. Though most of their work is in print, they've been contributing to the launch of a new digital radio station, BBC Radio 7, which features a daily children's programme.
Contact: David Allison
Children's Express (UK)
Exmouth House, 3-11 Pine Street, London EC1R 0JH, UK
Tel: +44 20 7833 2577
Fax: +44 20 7278 7722

Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting (FNR) Russia
Without Family is a radio series produced by the Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting (FNR) broadcast on Radio Russia (national radio). One program was prepared by young journalists from the foster children magazine “I am a human being”. It explores the phenomenon of social orphanage and how young people seek to identify with something.
Contact: Andrey Babaev
103050, Moscow, P.O. Box 48, Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting,

GO! For Children of All Ages, Resonance FM, UK
GO! For Children of All Ages ran weekly from May to December 2002 on radio station RESONANCE 104.4 FM. All the content was provided by children from London's schools (5 – 11 years old) who were given an open invitation to talk about their concerns. John Bisset recorded them, compiled the material, and presented the show. It was called a celebration of the diversity of language and culture among London's children. GO! continues to be broadcast, but now consists of a weekly ‘fairy story' improvised live on air by John Bisset.
Contact: John Bisset

Independent Children's Media Center, Ukraine
Children's Voice
In radio, internet, and print, the Independent Children's Media Center aims to monitor and protect children's rights. “Children's Voice” is a series of radio program completely created and headed by children (10-18 years old). This project was a winner of the competition “The Day of Innovative Ideas” held by World Bank and UNICEF.
The main idea of the project is to present the children's point of view on different problems concerning situation of children in Ukraine and to develop their journalistic skills. Programmes in the series include “Street Children,” “Happiness,” and “Criminiality.”
Contact: Tanya Belaya
3/12, Bastionnaya St., Kiev 01014, Ukraine
Phone: 038 44 2950217
Fax: 038 44 2944005

Latvian Radio

A youth radio programme called Radiobumba ("Radioball"), hosted and produced by college students, is broadcast on Latvian Radio five days per week. The programmes address listeners from 14 to 20 years of age and include music, features on professions and recreation, and interviews.
Contact: Zane Lace
Latvijas Radio Youth Magazine, Riga, Doma laukums 8, LV-1505
Email: OR

Mobile Culture Containers, Radio Future
Mobile.culture.containers is a project of the Fund in Defense of Our Future. The project involves talking and working with youth in the countries of former Yugoslavia, which includes Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Macedonia and Mitrovica (Kosovo). In 2003 the project concentrates on media work. Youth will produce newspapers, TV, and radio. In 2002 the mobile.culture.container station, Radio Future, broadcast its programme in several languages for eighty-eight hours throughout Kosovo. In many towns partner radio stations were also found. This will be continued in 2003. Since the work commenced in the spring of 2001 ten cities were visited for five weeks each. Ten youth and school newspapers were founded as well as a number of radio and video groups.
The members of the radio group have the ability to record their broadcasts, to conduct interviews and talks, to mix the audio and to edit the programme digitally. The results will be offered for broadcast to local radio stations.
Contact: Ninoslav Puskar
Tel: +387.61.104.454

Montenegro Radio, Serbia & Montenegro
The One Who Questions is broadcast on the radio of Montenegro every Sunday from 12 to 14 o'clock. It has live phone-ins whose editors, presenters and authors of texts are children themselves, (there are 15 of them in the production unit). There is a rubric for pre-school children in the first block, then follows conversation with an adult guest.
This show has both educational and entertaining elements, so its guests are usually persons from the world of theatre, literature, movie, sports, show business, and education. Sometimes, when it is about children's health or when a child is faced with some crisis in the family or in school, guests are doctors, psychologists and social workers.
Community workers also appear in our program. That was the case when the poet Boban Velimirović and children-co-authors of "One Who Questions" program, together with the UNICEF office in Podgorica, started action for the establishment of a Children's Street in Podgorica. That action was carried out successfully and the children of Podgorica now have their own street.
Producers: Editor of program for children Milka Obradović, sound engineer Zdravko Bošković, commentator Vladan Balaban, editor and presenter Jovana Vukčević.

OEKO-Hauptschule Stromstrasse, Austria
The Secret of the Green Dragon Blood
This radio drama was produced during German lessons by a group of eleven-year-old students at OEKO-Hauptschule Stromstrasse (Ecological Secondary School) in Vienna, Austria. Many of the students had different mother tongues (Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian), and thus some verbal problems at the beginning, but made their own contributions soon and gave many of the main ideas. The whole group did the writing of the story, as well as the recording. They chose the music, and cut and mixed all recordings together. In the drama, four kids have to find a magic plant called ‘dragon's blood' to cure their grandfather.
Contact: OEKO-Hauptschule Stromstrasse 40 (Ecological Secondary School)
1200 Vienna, Austria

Paisley Museum and Art Galleries
The Big Flit: Merksworth Memories 1972-2002 radio show involved a core group of 6 young people, and grew out of their wish to document the last few weeks of the life of their school, Merksworth High School in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK.
They worked with Paisley Museum and Art Galleries' Out of School Learning staff, and with Home School workers, to learn how to use sound recording equipment, and to learn how to develop communication and interviewing skills. The project is part of Renfrewshire Council's Out of School Learning program, a three-year initiative funded by the New Opportunities Fund, which is designed tackle inequality and disadvantage whilst encouraging communication, teamwork skills and the development of self-confidence
Contact: Martine Marletta
Renfrewshire Council EDS Base, Abbey House
Seedhill Road, Paisley, PA1 1JT, United Kingdom
Phone: 0141 840 3822

Radiofabrik is a non-commercial community radio station in Salzburg, Austria. It started broadcasting in 1998 and can be listened daily at 107,5 MHz and on the Internet at One of the aims of Radiofabrik is to invite groups or individuals to actively use radio to express themselves. Main issues are culture, youth, social and political life, migration among many others. Radiofabrik also co-operates with Salzburg University to run a wide range of radio courses from digital editing to media law. People are trained how to produce radio broadcasts and empowered to make use of media.

Currently Radiofabrik is involved in one project about Media Literacy (

Contact: David Roethler
Radiofabrik – Verein Freier Rundfunk Salzburg
Mühlbacherhofweg 5
A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
Tel :+43 (0) 662 – 84 29 61
Fax: +43 (0) 662 – 84 87 84 – 13

Radio Orange, Austria

Radio Orange is a community radio station in Vienna, Austria. Radio Orange has existed since 1998 to give voice to those who can't easily take part in the media. Radio Orange has a series called Radio Bande in which they invite schools in Vienna to make radio programs with kids and present them live. This series is organized by media wien, a government organisation for media support in schools.
Website: or
Contact: Christian Berger
Zieglergasse 49, 1070 Wien, Austria
Phone: +43 1 523 32 24-27
Fax: +43 1 523 32 24-38

Radio Regen UK
Remix the Streets
is a 3-year youth access and training project launched by Radio Regen, a community arts project whose goal is urban regeneration. This programme involves engaging socially excluded young people in radio work, starting on the streets of Manchester, UK. The aim of the project is to help the young participants gain confidence and develop a closer connection to their communities. Unemployed young people are trained in radio production, enabling them in turn to set up a string of radio stations in their own communities and giving trainees a chance to put their studies into practice.
Contact: Radio Regen
12 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 1JF
Tel.: (+44) 0161 237 5012

Takeover Radio, Leicester, UK
This is Britain's only full-time children's radio station, broadcasting on FM and the internet.
During the school day, young adults present music programmes. But at 6pm every school night, the children take over for a two-hour show. The only adult present is there for security. At the weekend and in school holidays, the kids run the lot. They range in age from 8 to 18. The sponsor is the Takeover Radio Children's Media Trust, which trains the young broadcasters. The Trust applied for one of 15 trial licenses for “access radio” being offered by the government. Takeover Radio has been on the air since March 2003 for a trial period that continues at least through December, 2003.
Contact: Graham Coley, Phil Solo, PO Box 2000, Leicester, England LE1 6YX
Tel: 0116 299 9600

Trousseau Hospital, Paris
Radio Trousseau is a radio station based in a children's hospital in Paris, with programmes produced by, with, and for children to give support and help them deal with trauma. A one-hour programme Les Enfants Parlent aux Enfants (Children Speaking to Children) is transmitted via a closed-circuit network to each of the hospital's 330 beds. The aim of Radio Trousseau is to offer psycho-social support to children in anxiety-producing situations, as well as to provide a vehicle for well children to interact with those who are sick or injured. The programme is designed to reduce the children's anxiety about their hospital stay. It also enables children in hospital to make contact with each other. At the same time, Radio Trousseau serves as a training ground for young people who are eager to pursue careers in journalism or the medical profession
Contact: Jehanne Faucheux, Radio Trousseau-Hôpital d'Enfants Trousseau,
Tour Cristal – 7-11, Quai Andre-Citmen, BP 1002 75901, Paris Cedex 15 France
Tel: 01 43 92 83 54
Fax: 01 43 92 76 72

Youth Media Centre, "Youth Voices", Moldova
Youth Media Center "Youth Voices"("Vocile Tinerilor" in Romanian) is an NGO in Chisinau in the Republic of Moldova. Youth Media Center's main purpose is to shed light on child's rights and youth's problems. It produces a youth magazine and a youth radio programme, both called "Voice of Children and Young People."
YMC was created by Chisinau Municipal authorities and UNICEF office in Moldova, with the financial support of the Dutch Government. In the Radio Studio of YMC, young people learn broadcasting skills and make all decisions about the content of programs. Broadcasts include youth debates concerning their vision about life, reports from different youth activities, interviews, opinions, commentaries, and news bulletins. Their program is broadcast on radio Antena C.
Contact: Youth Media Centre, Drumul Viilor 30/2 str.,
MD-2021 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel./Fax: (373.2) 731452



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