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Atelier Radio Enfant/Fondation, Canada
Radio Enfant
Radio Enfant
is Canadian French language young people's radio project that takes place in a network of schools and has set up a permanent children's radio station. For 100 days, from mid-March to 24 June 2001, more than 100 Canadian schools presented one day of radio. More than 10,000 indigenous and Francophone children produced the programmes, alongside international contributions from France, Belgium, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Louisiana and other places. The programmes were retransmitted by local stations in Ottawa and Montreal and on the Internet. In spring 2002 more than 100 schools took part in the First Festival of Children's Radio. In 2003, Radio Enfant is to begin the first permanent radio station entirely dedicated to children and teenagers in the Outaouais and Ontarian East areas.
Contact: Michel Delorme
11 Chemin Inook, Chelsea, Qc Canada J9B 2J7
Tel: +1 819 827 3146
Fax: +1 819 827-3591
Mobile: +1 819 743 8180


Creative-Radio is a forum for people active or interested in using radio creatively in international public health, development, and related fields. Creative-Radio tries to bridge the gap between journalism and humanitarian, post-conflict and development activities. The Creative Radio list uses this unique position to help develop strategies to make the best use of the mass media, at a time when radio's role is recognized widely as key in the fight against illiteracy, poverty and disease.
Creative-Radio is a free e-mail list and archives. TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE E-MAIL LIST, SEND A BLANK E-MAIL TO: Creative-Radio's Public archives.
Contact: George Lessard, Creative Radio Moderator, 60°00'N, 111°58' W
P.O. Box 456, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories X0E 0P0, Canada
Tel.: 867 872-2446 (A temporary phone number)

Children's PressLine
Children's PressLine (CPL) is the former New York bureau of Children's Express. It is a non-profit youth journalism organization that trains kids (ages 8-18) to be journalists that advocate for young people around the world. CPL has a 27-year history of giving children and teens a voice in the adult media. Print and radio pieces are in a first-person monologue format that allows the young people interviewed to tell their story in full. Our radio stories have aired on NPR, WHYY, Pacifica Radio's “Democracy Now” and WLIB's “Dialogue With Dinkins.” In addition, in 2002 our work aired to CBS News Radio's 26 million listeners as part of their Sept. 11 anniversary coverage.
Contact: Katina Paron
227 West 29th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212-760-2772
Fax: 212-760-1142

MAGIC (Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with, and for Children)
The MAGIC website and network is UNICEF's response to the Oslo Challenge of 1999, which called on media professionals, educators, governments, organizations, parents, children and young people themselves to recognize the enormous potential of media to make the world a better place for children.
The MAGIC website showcases media projects by, with, and for children and provides information for those wishing to take up the Oslo Challenge. It has an active calendar of events that highlight and promote the active participation of young people in the media.
The MAGIC Network helps professionals and organizations working in the field of children and the media to share information and ideas. This network communicates through an email group. If you would like to join this group, operated through Yahoo! and moderated by the Co-Ordinator of the Young People's Media Network in Budapest, Chris Schuepp, just send an email to

Scholastic Publishing
Scholastic News Radio

Scholastic Publishing, based in New York City, maintains a news web site for kids that is updated daily with print stories and photos. The website also features Scholastic News Radio, audio features in which children add their voices as reporters and commentators and sound off each weekly poll question.
Contact: Lou Giansante
C/o Suzanne Freeman, Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212 924 5076

United Nations

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children & Armed Conflict

Voice of Children Radio Project
The Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict (OSRSG/CAAC) began this project to address the need for information, recreation, and entertainment among children in war-affected areas and to give them a vehicle for self-expression. Radio programmes and stations are developed that address education and health needs, promote tolerance and reconciliation, give voice to children's concerns, and raise awareness about children's rights. On-site needs assessments have been conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Liberia; initiatives are underway in Angola and Afghanistan. At the local level, Voice of Children helps develop independent local radio programmes and stations in conflict-affected countries. At the international level, the project develops, produces, and airs programmes specifically addressing war-affected children with the collaboration of international broadcasters.
Olara A. Otunnu - Under Secretary General
Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict
United Nations, Room S-3161, New York, NY 10017
Tel.: 212-963-3178
Fax: 212-963-0807

WBAI-FM, New York
Radio Rootz: Children Make Radio in Harlem
Radio Rootz
is a youth radio project founded in 2001 by radio producer Deepa Fernandes. It is based in public schools in Harlem, New York City in collaboration with community radio station WBAI. The project teaches young people radio production skills and encourages them to have their say! Young people do every part of the radio production, from planning the program to storyboarding, interviewing, and editing. Radio Rootz features have aired on the Pacifica Network in the US and the BBC World Service. Listen to a sample of Radio Rootz programming called Shining in the Ghetto.
Contact: Deepa Fernandes,
WBAI, 120 Wall Street, 10th floor, New York, NY10005
Tel: 001 212 209 2812

WMPG Radio, Portland, Maine (US)
Blunt Radio –“Youth Empowerment Through Direct Media Access”

The Blunt/Youth Radio Project produces a weekly call-in public affairs radio show for teens. Blunt airs every Monday night from 7:30 to 8:30 on WMPG Portland, Maine's community radio station. Blunt members receive free training to teach them what they need to know to produce a creative radio program. The skills they learn include: interviewing, how to plan and host a live show, reporting and writing for radio, engineering a radio broadcast, and studio production. Blunt members learn to use professional equipment that is constantly updated to keep pace with the digital age.
Contact: Claire Holman
Blunt/Youth Radio Project
P.O. Box 9300, Portland, ME 04103
Tel: 207 767-1785

WNYC Radio, New York (US)
Radio Rookies

Radio Rookies is a WNYC program that trains teens to use words and sounds to tell true stories about themselves, their communities and the world. Young people are spoken about in the media, but they are not often enough given the chance to speak for themselves. Through a series of twelve-week workshops, each held in a new neighborhood of New York City, Radio Rookies gives teenagers the tools to become radio journalists, and allows them to learn from professionals how to develop a story, conduct interviews and edit and produce a polished radio feature that can air on WNYC. Each Rookie reporter is also paired with a volunteer mentor - a professional journalist - who gives the teenager guidance and assistance in between workshops. There is no fee and WNYC provides all the equipment and instruction needed through a grant from the Youth Initiatives Program of the Open Society Institute.
Contact: Marianne McCune
Radio Rookies
1 Centre Street, 25th Floor
New York NY 10007
Tel: 212 669-3828

WXPN-FM, Philadelphia US
Kids Corner

Host Kathy O'Connell is in her 15th year hosting Kid's Corner, broadcast every weekday from 7 to 8PM on public radio station WXPN in Philadelphia. The program is live and built around phone calls from its audience of 6 to 12 year olds, along with music, interviews with special guests, games and prizes, and regular features on science, computers, books, as well as discussion about issues important to kids. The station is streamed on the Internet so kids listen that way too.
Website: or
Contact: Kathy O'Connell
WXPN, 3905 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6005
Tel: 215-898-6677
Fax: 215-898-0707.

Youth Collective, KBOO Portland, Oregon
Community radio station KBOO in Portland, Oregon has two primary formats that involve youth. One is a youth community latino group that puts on a weekly music and public affairs show aimed at the local latino community. The other is the Youth Collective which produces The Underground, a one-hour monthly show that is public affairs oriented and is broadcast and available on the Internet. Most youth involved in radio production are late teens.
The Underground covers a wide range of issues affecting American Youth, including
unconventional schools, leaving for college, the September 11th crisis, punishment, spirituality, activism, war, hip hop, school funding, developing womanhood, youth talent and local current events. The present structure of the show includes: 20 - 25 minutes of pre-recorded pieces of approximately 5 minutes in length related to the chosen theme of the show, followed by youth talent which includes an interview of the young person, and a panel of guests who discuss the show's topic and respond to listeners phoned-in questions and remarks.
Contact: Judy Fiestal, Volunteer Coordinator, Youth Collective,
20 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
Tel: 503.231.8032
Fax: (503) 231-7145

Youth Menace CJSR, Edmonton Alberta Canada
Youth Menace
Youth Menace
is heard live every Thursday at 5:00 PM on CJSR, a non-profit volunteer radio station on 88.5 FM, Edmonton, Alberta. Youth Menace is the worlds only Child Welfare, Young Offender radio program for youth by youth familiar with the youth justice system and/or child welfare system. There is no censorship and all shows are live without a kill button. Young Offenders and Child Welfare children talk about the systems involved in their lives and the difficulties they face including poverty, addiction, mental health, housing, advocacy, and human rights. Each show is one hour long and follows the format of 5 minutes spoken and 5 minutes music that includes hip hop, punk, ska, house, techno and other music that is not mainstream. Highly Independent and not liked by government bureaucrat types.
Contact: Mark Cherrington, Liv Lunde, Eamon McGrath, Eryn Fitzgerald, Christine Jairamsingh
0-09 SUB University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Canada, T6G 2J7
Phone: (1) 780-492-2577
Fax: (1) 780-492-3121

Youth Radio, US
Welcome to My World

Youth Radio is an award winning producer of youth voices. Our mission is two fold: to support the intellectual, emotional and creative development of young people, and to produce the highest quality original media for local and national outlets. Since 1992, Youth Radio has trained thousands of teenagers in broadcast journalism, radio and web production, engineering, media advocacy and literacy. The teen voices of Youth Radio have been heard on outlets from National Public Radio to the BBC World Service to MTV. Welcome to My World was the Youth Radio entry to the OneWorld/UNICEF 2002 Radio Competition. Visit their website to hear other radio programs.
Contact: Cari Campbell and Rebecca Martin
1809 University Avenue, Berkeley, California 94703
Phone: +1 510 841 5123
Fax: +1 510 841 9804

8-18 Media, United States
8-18 Media is a youth journalism and leadership program run by the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum in Marquette, Michigan in the United States. There are no academic prerequisites and membership is free to any child wishing to join age 8 to 18.
Young reporters and editors produce print, radio, and video stories for the adult media on issues that affect kids and are of interest to people of all ages. 8-18 Media helps kids develop the confidence and maturity they need to build a healthy future for themselves. 8-18 Media promotes self-esteem and a sense of purpose by offering kids a significant voice in the world.
The kids' print stories appear regularly in Marquette Monthly magazine. Their radio stores are broadcast on WMQT Q107 Fridays at 8:30 a.m. and 6:50 p.m. and on Northern Michigan University's Public Radio 90 Sundays at 9:34 a.m. The kids also produced a video series which was recently broadcast on WNMU Public Television and WBKP, our local ABC affiliate. You can hear some of their radio stories at their website.
Staff members of 8-18 Media are Director Linda Remsburg and Assistant Director Erin Elliott.
Contact: Director Linda Remsburg
123 W. Baraga Ave., Marquette, MI 49855.
Tel: 906 226-7874.



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