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ANDI, Brazil
ANDI is the Portuguese acronym for The News Agency for Children's Rights in Brazil (Agencia de Noticias das Direitos da Infancia). ANDI was started by journalists concerned about the plight of street children. At first they concentrated on establishing school facilities because they saw education as the way out of poverty, especially under a dictatorship.
Then they began to monitor the media and noticed that the vast majority of coverage about children was negative. They published ‘league tables' to show which publishers were the worst offenders, and encouraged a more positive approach. Gradually the pattern of coverage changed, with publishers competing to occupy a better position in the league. They managed to get funding to issue awards to ‘Journalist Friends of Children' who found that the accolade gave them access to anywhere that children were to be found – including the jails. ANDI has transformed the media scene in Brazil.
The ANDI site is in Portuguese except for the section “Children and Media” which highlights recent news reports in English.
Contact: Veet Vivarta or Camila Melo, SDS - Ed. Boulevard Center
Bloco A / Sala 101, Brasília - DF / 70391-900
Tel: (61) 322.6508
Fax: (61) 322.4973
Email: or

AVE (Educational Audiovisuals), Bolivia
Radio programs

Established in 1980, Educational Audiovisuals (AVE) is an NGO that works to support alternative and popular education for children and young people in Bolivia using audiovisual production, radio, posters, and video. By establishing and maintaining a physical space for children and teenagers to engage in creative work, AVE has worked to produce materials that are sensitive to social, cultural, political, and economic realities in Bolivia, and to respond to the needs of the population. AVE also offers workshops and training sessions to help increase the capacity of NGOs to produce and use educational and communications materials. Involving children and teenagers as actors is one way in which AVE makes community participation a priority.
Contact: Julia Vargas
Director, AVE
Tel.: (591-4) 459.2023 - 448.5736
Email: or

El Baúl de Jacinto Venezuela
El Baul de Jacinto means Jacinto's Treasure Chest. It's a children's radio program broadcast every Sunday morning at 10AM in Caracas, Venezuela on Radio Rumbera at 89.1 FM. You can also listen to the show on the internet (click on "señal en vivo" sign and go!) The producer of El Baul de Jacinto is Jesus Rodriguez.
Jacinto Lara was a military hero who fought in our war of independence against Spain. As Jacinto is his first name, our radio show is named him. The name Lara became the name of the State in Venezuela where Caracas is.
Children can find many treasures on our show if they agree that knowledge is an amazing treasure. Children take part in the dramatisations on the program, and they make fantastic radio!
Contact: Jesus Rodriguez

Foro Argentino de Radios Comunitarias, Argentina /Argentinian Forum
of Community Radios (FARCO)

Concurso Infantil: Con el agua hasta el cuello
FARCO is an organization of radio-broadcasters in Argentina that broadcasts for the community and understands communication as a right for everybody. Concurso Infantil: Con el agua hasta el cuello is one of their programs. It is part of a campaign about crisis and hope. For many years the situation in Argentina with regards to social conditions, food security and sanitation has been worsening. So much so that child psychologists say that practically an entire generation of children is growing up without believing in any kind of future. They're living one day at a time and dying of misery, of malnutrition, of illness, and of desperation. FARCO clings stubbornly to our belief in solidarity and hope. This is why we put together this story for broadcast on children's slots of community radios throughout the country. Starting with the little girls and boys, we wanted to bring understanding, happiness and hope to people.
Contact: Jorge Gorostiza
Callejón de Torres - San Martín de los Andes, Argentina
Phone: +54 2972 429429
Fax: +54 2972 429429

Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL) Radio Network - Peru
Chaskiwawas Radio

Chaskiwawas is a Qechua word meaning “one who cares about and speaks for children. “
Chaskiwawas Radio was a 3-year youth initiative (1996-99) that trained young people in the use of media for the dissemination of information and for the promotion of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Youth child rights reporters originally part of that initiative were then invited to receive additional training; these young people are now working as youth reporters in the highlands and lowlands of Peru with a network of local radio stations to make the voices of children heard.
Contact: Rocio Franco, Chaskiwawas Youth Radio
Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL) Radio Network,
Manuel Villavicencio 1191, Lima 14, Peru

The Kid O'Rama Show, Belize
The Kid O'Rama (KOR) Show is a programme for children by children, designed with the intent of fulfilling the mandates of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) with support from UNICEF/Belize and LOVE FM Radio coordinates the KOR program. Currently, the segments are prerecorded and aired every Saturday mornings for half an hour at 8:30 a.m. Informal evaluations indicate that the program is enjoyed across the entire country and provides for teachers a basis for classroom discussions on Child Rights, especially in rural communities. The program is now in its third year of broadcasting.
Contact: National Committee for Families and Children
62 Cleghorn Street, P.O. Box 2361, Belize City, Belize C.A.
Tel: 501 22 30059/31180
Fax: 501 22 31229

Timoun ak Medya
A network of child journalists across north-west Haiti, who have been trained in media skills and child rights issues, who produce radio programmes, a website and a magazine. Timoun ak Medya (Our Own Voice) was launched in March 2000 as a three-year project, jointly implemented by Plan, Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC) and the Panos Institute. The programme aims to provide children with the skills required for effective participation in community development activities, using creative media and creating opportunities for their increased positive presence in media. It also seeks to raise awareness among parents and children on children's rights and the value of children's participation in community development activities.
Contact: Stefanie Conrad
Plan Haiti, 3 Impasse Lily, Musseau
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: +509 510 9471; 558 5606

Radio Encuentro, Argentina
Radio Encuentro
is a community radio station in Viedma, capital of the Patagonian province of Rio Negro. With financing from Proame, Radio Cuentra broadcast a radio campaign of ten spots about children and their rights. The Convention of Rights of the Child is included in the Argentinian Constitution, and the campaign intends to help these rights to be enforced. The actors are children ages 5, 8, and 9.
Contact: Néstor Busso
Garrone 555, 8500 Viedma, Río Negro, Argentina
Phone: +54-2920 421164 / 423071
Fax: +54-2920 421164 / 427358

Radio Kids 90.5FM, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Located in the province of Buenos Aires, Radio Kids is one of the few radio stations in the world broadcasting 24 hours a day for kids. It describes itself as "educational, recreational radio, with interactive cultural and musical participation of children and their families." It features games, news, interviews and music. Radio Kids emphasizes the positive values of life: family, love, friendship, effort, freedom, and respect for kids by the media. Listeners can join a free Club (currently there are 18,000 members) and can attend live music events sponsored by Radio Kids.
Contact: Osvaldo Frances
Alvarado 2164, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Tel: 54 223 4930023
Fax: 54223 4790875

Radio Tic Tac, Dominican Republic
Radio Tic Tac is a media project for kids. (3 hours program in a big Dominican network) Our staff has 22 Dominican kids working on our radio program. We have reporters in many other countries and they are reporting news from their communities through the project Flying Microphone. Our program produces many campaigns talking about the planet, the family, kids rights, and news
Website: (in construccion)
Contact: Edilenia Tactuk
Ave. Romulo Betancourt #1368 apt 2B, Sector: Bella Vista
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Tel: 809-534-6393
Fax: 809-532-8037

Sisichakunaq Pukllaynin (Peru)
The group Sisichakunaq Pukllaynin produces radio programs with children ages 6 - 10 in and around Cusco, Peru. Radio is a collaboration of students and teachers in 15 rural schools and the programs are broadcast on two radio stations, La Salle and Santa Mónica. The general objective of the producing group Sisichakunaq Pukllaynin is to use radio to improve the lives of children living in the Andes Mountains region near Cusco. By working in schools their goals are to strengthen kids' language skills, cultural identity, and self esteem. They also work to raise the quality of teachers and their self-esteem, and to give parents information and support so that they can help their children reach educational goals.

Objetivos y propósitos generales del proyecto de radio de jóvenes:

Objetivos generales:

  • Lograr que el mejoramiento de la enseñanza en las escuelas rurales contribuya a un mejor desarrollo de los niños y niñas.
  • Crear conciencia de que los niños y niñas andinos deben tener igualdad de condiciones para su formación y desarrollo personal, independientemente de su condición social, racial y religiosa.

Objetivos por etapas:

  • Contribuir al mejoramiento del nivel educativo de los niños y niñas quechua hablante de zonas rurales de Cusco, en especial de las competencias lingüísticas, tanto en su lengua materna como en castellano.
  • Lograr que los maestros adapten sus métodos de enseñanza a la realidad de las zonas rurales y de los niños y niñas andinos.
  • Ofrecer a los padres y madres de familia conocimientos y elementos que les permitan apoyar a sus hijos en las tareas educativas.

Objetivos a largo plazo:

  • Fortalecer la identidad, los valores culturales y la autoestima de niños y niñas de zonas rurales.
  • Elevar la calidad profesional y la autoestima de los maestros y maestras.
  • Fortalecer las identidad y la autoestima de los padres y madres de familia.

Contact: Margarita Gutierres , Asociaciòn Pukllasunchis,
Siete Diablitos 222, San Blas, Cusco, Peru
Tel/Fax: 00 51 84 237918

Teen Talk, Radio for Development - Dominica
Teen Talk
is a ten-part radio series produced and presented by young people as part of a pilot youth advocacy project focusing on reproductive health issues. Broadcast in Dominica, Teen Talk is meant to provide accurate health information while also encouraging young people to take responsibility for their health needs and to demand youth-friendly health services from providers. Radio for Development (RfD) organized the campaign and the goal was to educate 38,000 young people, thereby contributing to the reduction of sexually transmitted and other disease infection, and to the reduction of maternal death rate and infant ill health due to unplanned or unwanted teenage pregnancy. The programme format was determined by youth working in a series of participatory workshops. The project intended to help young people secure future employment by equipping them with the skills to be creative and to explore issues from their own perspective.
Contact: James Greenshields
Director, Radio for Development
Suite 281 The Flower Market New Covent Garden, London SW8 5NA, United Kingdom
Tel: 44 0 207 498 6055
Fax: 44 0 207 498 6955
Mobile: 07980 272634



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